I have been a Big and Rich freak every since the first time I heard their amazing blend of harmonies. They kicked the door wide open that the Kentucky Headhunters had cracked years before. They brought a vicious new sound and energy that had not been heard in country music. Their debut CD "Horse of a Different Color" is still one of the greatest albums I have ever heard. I don't feel they ever recaptured what they did on that first CD. I like the rest of their music but to me the CD's that followed all felt like a parody of the first one but those harmonies still melt my socks.

Here are, what I feel are the 10 best songs they have done. I love people who encourage you to let your freak flag fly and as Big Kenny says, "love everybody".

10. Cheat On You

9. Rock The Boat

8.Never Mind Me

7. Save A Horse (Ride a Cowboy)

6. 8th of November

5. That's Why I Pray

4. Wild West Show

3. Lost in This Moment

2. Big Time

1. Holy Water