The 2013 Journey 4 Justice National Rally in Topeka Kansas is now over and many already planning and looking forward to 2014. Will you be one of them?

So who is Journey 4 Justice and what is it exactly we do?  To make a real long story short we are a group of Americans who travel to Topeka to invade the privacy of the Westboro Baptist Church and it's members. What we do is 100% legal and the support we get from the locals, churches and businesses is just overwhelming.  We have been described as a group that comes to Topeka to 'take out the trash' and personally, that is a good description.

Journey 4 Justice (Photo by Charley Barnes, TSM)

It's also important to make sure you all know we DO NOT protest and we do not picket. You have to have a sign for that (like WBC does) and we arm ourselves with flags of all kinds and the constitution. The flag is a 'banner' NOT a 'sign' and we think it's important you understand the difference.  What many don't know is that flags are like cryptonite to members of the WBC and when our team members encounter them, it's only a matter of minutes before they leave and OFF the streets.

Win for J4J!

Many are scared to do what we do because the WBC family is comprised of scary lawyers.  Let me remind everyone what we do is 100% legal. We formed in June of 2011 and to date, there has never been a ticket issued to any of us or any lawsuit.  That's the point.  DON'T LET THE SCARY LAWYER FAMILY INTIMIDATE OR BULLY YOU! To make that point very clear, one of the main targets for our members is their law firm. That's right, we take the fight right to their own law firm to make the point that we will NOT be bullied...and to date, we have won every single battle with them.

So that is what we did all weekend...legally intimidate and invade the privacy of the most hated family in America. To say how satisfying it is to do what we do is almost impossible to describe until you experience it for yourself.  It is also a known fact that when we are in town they are very hard to find because they don't want to deal with us.  Imagine what would happen if the residents of Topeka did what we do, everyday; the WBC would stop coming out all together.  It's a very simply concept folks!

2013 Journey 4 Justice National Rally in Topeka Kansas. Waving the U.S. Flag is Iowa 2 team member Dennis Bissen. (Photo by Charley Barnes, TSM)

Case in point was the last day of the rally, Sunday morning. Keep in mind I personally have not seen them on the streets in over a year but when we did one final "flag patrol" on Sunday we encountered them protesting a church. We immediately pulled over and parked in the church parking lot and before we could get off our bikes, the WBC members were running to their van. Not a fast walk or jog...they actually run. (Pic of Grey mini van) Again, I can't even describe the feeling that gives me.  As we walked back, many members of the church that was being picketed had actually stopped on the road and thanked us through open windows.

No sooner did we get back into the parking lot, one of our flag patrols called in another sighting so we hauled to Family Video (pics included) and engaged the devil.  With flags waving locals were cheering us on and stopping traffic to tell us thank you through open windows.  In less than 5 minutes, more than 20 of their members tucked tail and left.

Another win for J4J!

We come from all over the country to take out the trash in Topeka.  It's very fun, rewarding and satisfying and plans are being made now for the 2014 rally.  If you want to feel what it's like to chase the devil and win then join us in Topeka next year or better yet, join one of our existing teams or form one of your own and take a weekend trip to Topeka.  You will have all the support you need and the feeling you will come home with is indescribable.