I have been in country music for nearly 30 years but I will confess that I have always been a major Prince fanatic. I have been in love with the Purple One's music since I first heard it in the late 70's. I feel he was one of the greatest musical geniuses that we have ever had to pleasure of being exposed to. This man could play any instrument that you put in front of him and he just oozed music and cool. I grew up in and around Minnesota so he is even more etched into the fabric of my life than most. I was shocked and saddened by his death yesterday. I spent the night watching 'Purple Rain' and remembering the man and his music.

I thought it was only fitting to pay tribute to his musical genius this morning by searching for some cover versions of Prince by country artists. Believe it or not I found a few. I found a clip of Lady Antebellum singing "Just a Kiss". Watch the video and get ready about half way through it when Hillary dons a purple jacket and they break into the Prince smash "Kiss", it is very cool. I also found versions of "Purple Rain" by Darius Rucker, James Otto, LeAnn Rimes and Kelly Clarkson. You can also check out what an amazing guitar player Prince was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2004. Purple tears are falling.