Blake Shelton buys Tishomingo property from Miranda Lambert; Jake Owen clearly needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap and Dolly Parton celebrates a milestone anniversary, here's your Nashville Minute.

Blake Shelton has bought the property where Miranda Lambert's Pink Pistol store in Tishomingo, OK was once located. Shelton announced he bought the property only a day after Lambert said she was closing down and moving the Pink Pistol to her hometown of Lindale, TX. Blake answered a fan question on Twitter saying "yes something is brewing." Jake Owen is recovering from a bike accident that sent him to the ER on Thursday. He tweeted out a picture of his arm with fresh stitches. Can we get this guy some bubble wrap? Remember when Jake had to have part of his finger amputated after racing go-karts with NASCAR drivers Kevin Harvick and Clint Boyer? Then there was that time he broke his shoulder snowboarding. Oh. Then there was the time he wrecked his shoulder wakeboarding. Yeah. Bubble wrap.

Finally, Dolly Parton and her husband, Carl Dean. After attending one event with Dolly early in her career, Carl decided he wanted a life away from the spotlight, but the two continued to have a successful marriage, though many people have not ever seen him. That is about to change as Dolly, 70, and Carl, 73, prepare to renew their vows. Dolly will be selling off photos of the re-nuptials saying, in the most Dolly way possible, "might even sell some to the rag mags and take the money and give it to the Imagination Library. That’s my plan.”