Today is a very hard day for me. Truth be told, it's one of the hardest days of my life so far. Today is the first time I have had to cope with the loss of a dear friend and brother in many ways. A simple ride to work, like every other day, was his last this morning.

Photo by Wendy Purcell

Bob Hosier was literally that guy who would give the shirt right off his back for anyone. He was the most caring man I have ever met and as real as they get. Bob loved his motorcycle and as irony would have it, he died doing what he loves to do.

Bob was on his way to work this morning from his home in Kersey to Erie when a car pulled right out in front of him, ending his life instantly. Bob leaves behind his own children, step-children and an unborn daughter.

His funeral services are planned for this coming Wednesday at 10:00 AM and we would like to send Bob out in the most honorable way we can think of and this is with a large motorcycle escort.  If you knew Bob or know someone who did you and all motorcycle riders are invited to help us say goodbye to our friend and brother.

A Memorial Ride on Sunday October 6th is also planned so we can raise some money to help with funeral expenses and to place a roadside marker at the spot of his accident and again, anyone who rides a motorcycle is welcome and encouraged to come help one of our own.

For more information on Bob's funeral service and our planned Memorial Ride for him on the 6th please click the big red link below for the Facebook page that will house all those details.

Photo by Charley Barnes, TSM