I wrote a story a few weeks ago about my daughter claiming the Christmas Gift Certificates she gave me when she was a wee lad to clean her room, take out the trash, etc. had expired.  Well, one of my attorney's says differently. Read the pending lawsuit here. 

There are a few folks that I work with that will tell you I have pulled of some incredible pranks in my day (Ask Brian Gary) but this was probably my funnest.

To make a long story short, my daughter Taylor, gave me a booklet of Christmas certificates that I recently found. The irony is I have been trying to get her to clean her room for months so I snapped a picture and sent it to her.  She responded,

Hahahaha...oh, those have long since expired - Taylor A Barnes

Well, there is no "expiration" date anywhere which the attorney noted and in his brilliance, also noted there was no limit on these certificates.  Let me translate...I can use them over and over and over.

Life is grand!

My daughter received the letter Monday evening and as I sat across the living room watching her open the envelope I wondered if she would laugh or cry.  I felt bad for a brief moment and then it happened.  She started to howl with laughter, snorted a few times and said,

Aweeeeesome.  This is probably the coolest thing ever.  I can't wait to show everyone.  This is awesome.

So much for that threat and no, the room is still on the disaster list but her expression and face were worth it.  She'll be telling her Grandkids about the time their Grandpa was going to take her to court to clean her room.  She will use this for years and will have me to thank.

Charley Barnes, TSM

Author's Note:  Those of you who know me know my kids are my life and this was all done in good fun and in no way serious.  I offer this disclaimer because it's inevitable someone will only read one sentence and think I am the devil.  It's just a joke friends and my daughter thought it was cooler than sliced bread.