Jenny Harding, For TSM

Cloverdayle is the husband and wife duo of Chad and Rachel Hamar. They brought their very entertaining show to the Boot Grill in Loveland last night for New From Nashville. Rachel has an unbelievable voice and Chad is an amazing guitar player that has the kind of energy on stage that only Red Bull or 10 cups of coffee can bring. Their show was one of my ten favorite New From Nashville concerts we have ever had, and we have had some great ones.

They have been married for 17 years. Rachel claims she was 11 when they got hitched! They write most of their own songs, including their summer anthem, "Play me Something I Can Drink To". Here is the lyric video of that song from YouTube:

A big thank-you to my talented co-worker, Madi, for taking photos along with my equally talented wife, Jenny. The meet-and-greet pictures are at the end of the photo gallery.