There is no form of art that tells a story like a country song. Country music has a way of touching our emotions like nothing else can. Three chords and the God's honest truth is what country music was founded on and Cole Swindell sure gets that.

Cole has become one of the hottest artists in our format with a string of four number one records to start a career and mantle full of awards, he has had quite a run the last couple of years. You could say he has had it all lately but something big has been missing...his dad.

Cole lost his father William back in 2013 in a strange accident, where the truck he was working on fell on him. In this video Cole shares the actual call he made to his dad right after signing his record deal. His dad died just a couple months later. The end of the video shows actual footage of Cole and his brothers letting their emotions out at their father's grave. This is real, honest, personal and brave. Thank your for being so real Cole.