Bailey Roby was born with only 3 toes on each foot and had to have his legs amputated. Over a decade later, CHSAA ruled that he is now ineligible to finish the season.

Hard to imagine overcoming something like Bailey Roby has had to overcome. Losing your legs isn't easy at any age. Now, Roby, who plays basketball for the Mountain Vista Golden Eagles at Highlands Ranch is being told his disability has made him ineligible to play sports in High School and now told he can't play. Roby who made the JV team last year made the Varsity team this year as a Senior and has played in 8 games scoring 11 points.

Roby is fitted with the same style of legs that South African Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius (shown in feature photo) was seen running with at the last Summer Olympics and I just can't imagine why, now, they would rule him ineligible. Sad.!  The team is 14-1 and eyeing a State Championship and he'll have to watch it from the bench after playing since he was a Freshman.

Ultimately, according to CHSAA it was an official who complained about it, not an opposing coach thinking it was an unfair advantage, or at least that's the story I've heard. But who knows although I just can't imagine an opposing coach would have complained and if so, shame on them!

When asked for the official reason, CHSAA respsonded to rule 3-5-1 that says state associations can 'provide reasonable accommodations' to individuals with disabilities and/or special needs and 'extenuation circumstances' as long as those accommodations do not 'fundamentally alter the sport, heighten risk to the athlete/others or place opponents at a disadvantage'.

Nobody wants to tell anybody no, but we can’t authorize him to play, not only for other players but for him as well. The rules are meant to keep the game what it’s supposed to be - Assistant Ccommissioner Bert Borgmann

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