I love pizza. It may be my all time favorite food. I will be in heaven Saturday when we go to the Great Colorado Pie Fight. I can't wait to find out who has the best pizza in Colorado and who wins our pizza eating contest. I feel victory in my cheesy little hands.

My love of pizza has put me in some embarrassing situations. One time when I was a bit younger, my buddies and I cooked a Totino's Pizza and forgot about it until the smoke filled the apartment and woke us up. We actually covered it in clear coat and hung it on the wall as art.

I am an "I love you" kind of guy and it can get me in trouble. I was ordering a pizza to be delivered and when I went to say goodbye I accidentally said "I love you" instead. I got a pizza delivered by a very nervous young man. Then there was the time I was at a pizza place with my family. I have this habit of rubbing my foot on the leg of the table I am sitting at. I was sitting there doing my thing and placed my order with my server but when he went to leave, so did the "table leg" I had been rubbing. I guess the whole time I was placing my order I was rubbing his leg and not the table. I got a great pie and a phone number.

I hope to see you Saturday for some of the best pie you will encounter and see who is crowned the champion.