If you've ever been to Minneapolis - or anywhere in the Midwest, for that matter - you know how frigid the temps can get. That said, humor has a way of warming people's hearts (even when it's negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit).

Residents of northeast Minneapolis got quite the surprise on Friday when pairs of frozen pants stood up on their own. The pants were placed by Tom Grotting, who posted a photo to Facebook: "I Love NE Minneapolis," he wrote.

"I think a few years he's been doing it now. And this year he posted on Facebook and sort of dared people to do it too," said Grotting's neighbor, Jolana Bernhardt, whose family also had 2 frozen pairs of pants placed among their patio furniture.

"I just ran them through the washing machine, brought them out after the spin cycle. It took a couple minutes to get them to freeze. Then they were pretty easy to stand up once they started to freeze," said Bernhardt.

Since Grotting's post on Friday, other northeast Minneapolis residents have joined in on the fun, propping up their own frozen pants.

Grotting told KARE-TV he got the idea from his brother and has been doing it for years as "lowbrow entertainment."