Thank you Jennifer Nettles for almost making me need to change my pants after you scared the bodily fluids out of me this morning. I have always liked Jennifer and thought she was a sweetheart but after what went down this morning I no longer trust her at all. She is a sneaky little fear producer.

I am the first one to arrive here at the studios in the morning. I get here very dark and early every day and am the only one here when I arrive. The building is always dark and I make my way around firing things up for the day. One of the first things I do is walk into a darkened production studio.

This morning when I walked into the studio and turned on the light I was startled to find Jennifer Nettles standing there in the studio behind a microphone. When you are used to not seeing another figure in the building and you see someone at 3 am, you tend to pee yourself a little..I did. Thanks Jennifer! Needing new shorts by 3 am is quick way to wake you up. I actually made some kind of screeching terror sound and then realized she was cardboard. My mission now is to find out who in the building is to blame for this and make them buy me some new shorts. Thanks 'Jennifer' and my coworkers for the nice little fearfest this morning.