Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles is currently hard at work on her first solo album, and in a new blog post she explains that the album is both recreation and re-creation.

"Every few years, whether one is aware or not, we humans tend to recreate ourselves," Nettles wrote on her official web site on Tuesday (May 28). "For me, it is some of the most fun 'recreation' that exists. That is why I am singing from the rafters (no pun intended) now that I've announced my new solo project."

The singer has been working with rock producer Rick Rubin on an album she has described as a departure from Sugarland, but one that she feels will still appeal to fans of the superstar country duo. She writes that she has enjoyed working with old friends, new writers, and sometimes by herself.

"In Sugarland, I have learned more of both who I am and who I am not," Nettles recounts. "Even with all of our success, I have had the deep desire to share other parts of myself. To prove some things to myself. And, to just simply shake it up and do something different, perhaps scary, and certainly fresh and new."

Nettles' solo album is tentatively slated for a fall release, but Sugarland fans, never fear. She recently said that she and Kristian Bush are just taking a break, and have no plans to break up.