It sounds like another little feud is brewing in Country music. It seems Chris Young, who'll be at Cheyenne Frontier Days on Friday, rubbed JoDee Messina the wrong way the other day.

She what she had to say- and how he responded- inside!

Oh, that JoDee....she is a FIERY redhead.  Apparently she ran into new hitmaker Chris Young the other day and it did not go well- to say the least.  She was hanging out in L.A., when the encounter went down:

From JoDee's Twitter feed:

Whoa. That lady is UP-SET!

It's hard to say what actually happened, as Chris didn't respond to JoDee's tweet with an apology or explanation on the situation.

His fans backed him up big though- and to THAT Christ DID respond:

Will we ever get the story on WHAT happened? I doubt it, but I have to say: I feel an apology is due - from JoDee to Country Radio!