As the Founder/President of Journey 4 Justice, it would again be my honor to have you ride with us in this year's Loveland Veterans Day parade on 11 November.

Since the birth of Journey 4 Justice in 2011, we have not missed a Loveland Veterans Day parade and this year will be no exception.

Journey 4 Justice/Loveland Veterans Day Parade - Photo courtesy of Christina Clark

I would like to personally invite any and all motorcycle riders to ride with us in the parade this year. The parade will be Tuesday, 11 November and you are not required to be a member of Journey 4 Justice to ride with us. If you love and respect our military, and ride a motorcycle, then you are qualified.

Details have not been announced yet as far as staging details but will be posted on our event page (link below) but plan on arriving at our staging area at 10:00 a.m.; parade starts at 11:11 a.m. If you plan on coming, please click on the big red link below to let us know you are coming so we have an idea on how to stage.

We had about 60 motorcycles last year and we would like to see that many, or more, this year as we have always been one of the crowd favorites but it all depends on you showing up. I have requested the same staging area as last year (we had our own block) so let's make this a good showing for our local Veterans and our way of saying thank you.