2 weeks ago Dave Jensen called Brian Gary and said, " I am not shaving my beard until we give away the K99 Nissan Titan Crew Cab 4x4  from Ehrlich Nissan."  Brian immediately said, "I'm in".  Brian called me and I was on-board.   Then Charley Barnes,  Shawn Patrick and our front desk guy Josh Kukus joined in too.  It became known as Truck Beard!

It's kind of like a hockey playoff beard, except those guys can actually grow beards.    So here we are.  We are not shaving until we give away the K99 Truck on June 16th, because Dave had some cockamamie idea.   I guess we did all agree to it.

The gray is really starting to come out in my beard.  It's a "Brother can you spare a dime?" kind of look.  My wife wants to color it.  Shawn has already colored his.  If I do decide to color my Truck Beard, I will be sure to take lots of photos. By the way, is that a Guy-Card violation?


K99 and Ehrlich Nissan are giving you several ways to win the new 2012 Nissan Titan Crew Cab 4x4! K99 Country Club Members, you can enter to win a key online.

Plus, make sure you listen to K99 each weekday! K99 will play the cue-to-call FIVE times a day 7a, 8a, 10a, 2pm and 4pm. When you hear it be the 9th caller at 1-800-500-2K99! The 9th caller will win a key.

You can also stop by Ehrlich Nissan 2625 35th Avenue in Greeley and enter to win a key. Online and Ehrlich Nissan keys winners will be announced on Friday afternoons with Charley Barnes on K99!

Here are some pictures of what we all look like after 2 weeks of Truck Beard: