Don't blame mom for not sharing all of her secrets, it wasn't to set you up for kitchen failure, she was a busy woman. But sometimes the simplest tricks, the ones that make you say, "well that makes sense" are second nature and after years of doing them, mothers forget to pass them on. Fret not, here are at least 5 kitchen secrets your mom meant to teach you.

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Life in the kitchen shouldn't be so hard and aside from there being a time fairy I hope that these tips help you a little when you are trying to get everything and then some done while working hard, raising children and just living life.


  • Lightly sprinkle your cake with flour as soon as you remove it from the oven, this will make it easier to frost
  • When popping popcorn at home, avoid 'old maids' (the ones that don't pop) by soaking your kernels in water for ten minutes before popping them.
  • If you find yourself needing to cut dried fruits or marshmallows, dip your scissors into a cup of water before cutting, this will stop the scissors from sticking to your food.
  • If you over salt a soup or stew, don't panic, drop in a whole peeled potato, it will absorb the extra salt
  • If your bread is starting to go stale, add a fresh stalk of celery in the bag and zip it up

There are so many tricks, tips and short-cuts in the kitchen and in life. If you have any cool ideas that you have been taught or have learned through trial and error, please share with us in the comment section below.