Two weeks ago I was pulling on some shorts when I got home from work in the afternoon, and was sitting outside to eat dinner. Yes, that was very unusual for a Northern Colorado February afternoon. But it still felt great. I wish I was able to hold onto those temperatures and capture them in a bottle because this week we will definitely want those back.

According to ABC 7-Denver, we are about to head into a week long cold spell that I don't think we have seen since November. Check out this seven day forecast map from ABC 7 and see how the cold sticks around for us for the next few days.

Credit: ABC 7-Denver

You are seeing that seven day forecast correctly. For the first time that I can remember this Winter, the long range forecast barely has us getting into the mid 30's. Couple that with the chance of more snow Wednesday into Thursday and even more possibly in the forecast for the weekend, Winter doesn't want to let it's grip off of us that easily.

Looking for a light at the end of the tunnel? We turn the clocks ahead starting March 8th. This means we'll get more daylight to wrap up the workday, and maybe by then we'll be enjoying those 70 degree temperatures again.