Selection Sunday is when the NCAA sets the seeding of the men's national basketball championship tournament. 31 schools will make the tournament automatically because they won their respective conferences. Another 37 schools will be decided on by the NCAA for "at large" bids and seeded accordingly. The key factors in getting a higher seed are strength of a school's out of conference schedule as well as the quality of wins and losses.

The Colorado State men's basketball team is a lock to be selected into the field of 64 in search of a national championship. Their position in the seeds could be affected by their wins and losses. The Rams' overall record of 25 wins and 8 losses, should be good enough by itself to garnish around a ten seed. Their in conference record of 11 and 5 is bolstered by how good the other teams in the Mountain West performed, namely San Diego State and New Mexico. Although their loss to UNLV in the Mountain West Conference Tournament could hurt their seed, Colorado State's seeding in the bracket could possibly be hurt more by regular season losses to Colorado and UIC.

All in all, there are many different factors to decide if a school deserves to be in the big dance. Every year there are teams that are left out and teams that get in the tournament strictly on reputation. The CSU Rams are a lock to get in. However, they aren't worried about their seed position because the NCAA Men's Tournament is a clean slate and a chance to put their talent against the best in the country.

The men's tournament selection will start at 4:00 pm and be aired on CBS. If you would like to join the Colorado State men's basketball team, they will be at Rio Grande Mexican restaurant in Fort Collins today from 3pm-6pm.