With all of the terrible travel stories that one hears, it's nice to find out when an airline does right by one of it's customers. While on a plane, and getting ready to fly from Chicago to Columbus, passenger Peggy Uhle was caught by surprise. While taxing for takeoff, the plane turned around and headed back to the gate.

When they arrived, a flight attendant told Peggy that she had to get off the plan and talk to the agent at the desk. According to My Fox Philly, they thought she was on the wrong plane, however when she got to the desk, the agent told her to call her husband. Durring Uhle's conversation with her husband, she learned that her son, who lived in Denver, was in a coma after suffering a head injury.

Before Uhle was off the phone, and had to figure out her next step. Southwest had rebooked her, with no additional fees or service charges, on a non-stop flight to Denver that was leaving in a few hours. They also provided her a private waiting area for her to gather her thoughts, rerouted her luggage, allowed her to board first and packed her a lunch so she didn't have to worry about finding food during her travels. They even had her luggage delivered to where she was staying, and called her several days latter to ask how her son was doing.

According to the news story, Uhle's son is still recovering, and she was incredibly thankful for the service she received. So, this shows, that not all airlines are evil that live off of travelers agony and baby tears.