Year After Year, I Get Overwhelmed Within The 24 Hours Of Thanksgiving. So Much To Do, So Many Details, I End Up Wanting To Run And Hide Or Nap Until Black Friday. This Year, I Am Taking A New Approach.

The Guests

  • I Have Contacted All Potential Guests, Both Family And Friends. As Of Today, I Have Confirmation And Regrets From Everyone.

The Menu

  • Although I Usually Stick To A Fairly Traditional Menu, Its Still Important To Make the Menu Plan, As It Helps With The Grocery List. Also, With the Menu In Writing, It's Easier To Visualize What Needs To Be Done.
  • This Is Also A Great Time To Decide If You Will Be Asking Your Guest's To Bring Anything, If Anything, I Tell My Guest's That They Can Bring A Favorite Dish That May Not Be On My Menu, But I Usually Cover All The Basics.

The Shopping

  • Unlike The Years Past, I Decided To  Shop Early For My Menu Items. This Has Already Proven To Be A Huge Relief. I Have A Dedicated Shelf In My Pantry With All The Holiday Items. Last Night I Went Through The Pantry And Noticed That I Had Forgotten To Get Marshmallows, So Nice To See That Now Verses Thanksgiving Morning.

Cooking Ahead

  • Until Now, I've Never Really Considered Cooking Ahead Or Even Doing Prep Work. Now, It Seems So Elementary. Why Wouldn't I?
  • Carrots, Celery, Onions, Cauliflower, Broccoli And More Can Easily Be Diced Or Chopped And Put In Baggies Until The Big Event.
  • Pies Can Be Made In Advance, You Can Freeze Or Refrigerate Most Pies Up To Four Days.
  • Let's Not Forget The Dips, Not Only Can They Be Made Ahead Of Time, They Will Taste Better.


  • Don't Look At The Computer Screen Like That, I Don't Like Cleaning Either, But You And I Both Know We're Gonna Clean Something.
  • In Cleaning, Do The Basics, Your House Is Lived In, So Live A Little.
  • The Most Important Area To Clean For Me Is The Guest Bath And I De-clutter My Kitchen. I Like To  Clear The Counters Of Unnecessary Space Hogs.  This Free's Up Room For Food Prep
    Pies And More.

Relax and Enjoy!