The 80's!  What a great time for those of us who blossomed during one of the best decades ever.  Hair bands, ET and things you wish never happened, like New Kids on the Block.  Ya, I could have done without that!

Charley Barnes - KSUA/1986

When you think about it, the 80's defined iconic pop culture! Big hair, slang powerhouse, the invention of modern day video gaming systems, every show on TV was family oriented (Cosby Show, Charles in Charge etc.) and technology you couldn't keep up with. (Now it can all fit in your pocket.)

Now we get to relive it all, minus the big hair, unless you own a wig.  So throw on your best throwback 80's outfit and come hang with us at the Qdoba Ultimate 80's Party Saturday March 30th at the Sunset Events Center in Fort Collins.

We'll also be handing out prizes for biggest hair, 80's celebrity look alike, lip synch contest and of course best costume/outfit. Sound like fun?  It is!

Tickets are only $25 and $5 goes right back to Ram-Strength to help fight cancer in Ram Country.  Your ticket price also gets you a couple free beers, a late night Qdoba buffet and the traditional "photo booth" sponsored by Aire Serv in Fort Collins.

The 'featured' photo on this article was me at about 15 or 16 and starting the long hair stage and when I say long hair, it was down past the butt long.  Crazy days for sure. The other pics are from the mid and late 80's.