I've had an aversion to McDonald's ever since I was in fifth grade.  I ate a quarter-pounder for lunch, wend rock-climbing with my boy scout troop, and then threw up all night long.  I've broken down and eaten from the popular fast food joint a few times since then, but I still frequently regret it afterwards.  That's probably why my stomach turned just from looking at this...

This, my friends, is a map of all the McDonald's locations in the continental United States.  No wonder this country has a problem with obesity!

A map showing every McDonalds in the U.S

And, just for fun, here are some more fun facts about the "golden arches:"

  • There are over 14,000 McDonald's locations in the US
  • Of those, at least 323 are in Colorado
  • 27 MILLION people eat at McDonald's every day

So does this map make you sick...or hungry?