We tell ourselves that Valentines Day is just a day, we stress that our love for one another should be spoken and shown everyday and for the most part that is true, until you get a Valentines Day Surprise.

D Dennison-TSM

I myself say all the time to my James that we don't need to do anything, everything is over priced and crowded. I think the closest to 'celebrating' this commercial holiday (although my Betsy told me that she thinks they are all commercial holidays anymore, all so grossly removed from their original intent) is having a Valentine Dinner, or so we dubbed it the week of Valentines Day one year.

Tuesday, however, after an already tough week (yes tough week on Tuesday) there was this quite little knock on my studio door and it was my Bridgette. I've mentioned her before, she was good friends with both my Ashley and Colton. She entered the studio with a big smile and this great vase of chocolates and fluffy little I love you bear. I can't tell you how happy it made me, this little surprise out of nowhere made my day. A Valentines gift, for me, from her made such a crappy couple of days so refreshing and bright. I can't tell you enough that I did not expect that this little surprise would have affected me the way it did. I love my Bridgette and am so glad and happy that she thought of me.

Of course now, I am re-thinking my Valentines Day thoughts. Maybe it's the surprise that made it so special, nowadays we are so expecting that the little surprises happen so infrequently because of it. And that only hardens our hearts more towards days like Valentines Day. Maybe it is because it was Tuesday and not Friday. Maybe it was because it was from Bridgette. I don't know, so here's the challenge, your love for your partner is there, Valentines Day or not, but what about the love of a good friend, a friend that you think of as a sister to whom you can tell anything, why not send her or better yet drop off a little surprise of your own.

Thank you Bridgette for lifting my day and putting a smile on my face, guess it's time to pay it forward... who should I surprise? hmmmmmmm....