Todd Harding, TSM

There is a great Facebook page called "You know you grew up in Fort Collins, CO if you remember..."  That page inspired me to come up with this:

You know you have lived in Fort Collins if...

  • You've stood in line for breakfast at The Silver Grill
  • You've climbed to the top of Horsetooth Rock
  • You've had a margarita at The Rio
  • You have ridden your bike in the Tour De Fat
  • You've gone tubing in the Poudre River
  • You've watched the fireworks in City Park on the 4th of July
  • You've ever tailgated at Hughes Stadium
  • You've watched a free concert in Old Town Square
  • You've taken someone to see the CSU Flower Trial Gardens
  • You know where the Andy Warhol Soup Can is
  • You ever went moonlight bowling at Horsetooth Lanes
  • You've ever been ice skating on Stanley Lake
  • You've ridden the Trolley down Mountain Ave.
  • You remember Fort Ram
  • You can't decide who has the best ice cream, Kilwin's or Walrus
  • You've taken the New Belgium Brewery Tour more than once just for the free beer
  • You've had a picnic at the Sweatsville Zoo
  • You've taken the Budweiser Brewery tour just to see the Clydesdales
  • You remember where you were during the flood of 97
  • You've ever eaten lunch in front of the Coca-Cola sign

If you have anything to add, please do it in the comment section below!