Over the next few weeks, many people will be weaving their way through crowded airports, traveling to different destinations all across the country for the Thanksgiving and the holidays. 

Spending several hours in the airport is not always the most fun thing to do, especially having to get there so early before taking off or if you happen to have a long layover somewhere. It also never seems to fail that when you are just ready to get on the plane and make it to your final stop already, a maintenance or weather issue happens, resulting in a delay and more time having to be spent in the terminal.

So, if you happen to find yourself stuck in the airport during the travel season, why not use one of these 10 ways to help pass the time and make the situation a little less boring. Safe and happy travels!

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    Whipping out your Yoga mat might be a little much, but the long terminals do make for the perfect place to do some cardio. Whether you power walk a few laps or just go for a stroll, you'll be able to stretch your legs before having to sit on a cramped plane...just don't use the moving walkway as a treadmill.

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    Partake in an Airport Pub Crawl

    Although drinks are usually pretty pricey in airports, there are typically several bars located throughout a single concourse, so depending on how much time you have, why not go on a mini-pub crawl? Some options at DIA are Lounge 5280 Wine Bar and Lefty's Mile High Bar and Grill both in Gate B and Blue Sky Bar in Gate A. Cheers!

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    Get Some Holiday Shopping Done at Gift Shops

    Gift shops in airports always make for entertaining places to pass the time, and sometimes they even have really artsy items, unique gadgets or fantastic sports memorabilia on the shelves too. Besides just buying magazines to keep busy, you could also get a few things to use as stocking stuffers this year. Who doesn't want a comfy neck pillow or nice scenic mug from Seattle?

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    Check Out the Art

    From sculptures to paintings, there's usually a lot of art to be found throughout airports and sometimes even changing exhibits. Walk the halls and check out some of the images. If you're lucky enough to be at DIA, you'll get to see some especially unique murals that are hung on the walls.

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    Plane delayed for hours because of a blizzard? No need to spend money on a fancy hotel room, just find a quiet spot and get some shut eye.

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    People Watch

    People watching is pretty much a given activity to do at the airport. With travelers from all over the world in one area, it's fun to see the variety of different outfits and luggage. Who knows, maybe you'll even get some inspiration. Not into watching people? It's always fun to watch the planes...

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    Make New Friends

    Take people watching a step further and get to know fellow travelers who are waiting in the terminal along with you. Whether you're coming or going, chances are, you can find something in common with many of the other people sitting in your area. Maybe you go to the same college, have mutual friends, or are both heading to the same destination and want to compare notes on where to eat and shop – take the headphones off and have a conversation to find out.

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    Read a Book

    When do you ever get the chance to sit down and read a good book without tons of constant interruptions? Pick a real page-turner to take on your trip, and it's guaranteed to make the time waiting pass by way quicker on a long layover. Although, unlike the traveler below who really made himself at home, it's probably best to keep your shoes on...for the sake of everyone else.

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    Chow Down

    Forget the tiny bag of peanuts you get on-flight! Instead, hit up one of the delicious restaurants inside the airport and get yourself a real meal. If you're going to a new destination, you'll get to try some of the regional cuisine, such as Southwest-style entrees or phenomenal seafood if you're in the Northeast. A lot of airports even feature gourmet, celebrity-owned restaurants, like Wolfgang Puck Express which can be found in Concourse B at DIA. Bon appétit!

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    Master a Skill

    If you're waiting in the gate with lots of time to kill, you could take advantage of mastering a craft you've always wanted to be better at. Some options could be bringing some yarn and knitting a scarf for dear ol' Aunt Edna in Illinois, perfecting your fishtail braiding skills, or practicing a foreign language.