The gym can be a scary place, and as someone who has been there and done that, I will tell you that getting there is the hardest part. After your first trip you will see that it really isn't as bad as you had imagined. Just be sure to avoid these ten things that are definite gym no-nos and you'll be fine... 

  1. Don't wear jeans
  2. Don't talk on you phone
  3. Don't eat junk food while on a cardio machine
  4. Don't wear heels
  5. Don't forget your deodorant
  6. Don't turn the treadmill up so fast that you shoot off the back
  7. Don't stare at yourself in the mirror or take selfies
  8. Cover up your private parts, even in the locker room
  9. Clean the equipment after you use it
  10. Don't hit on people at the gym, that's not what you are there for

If you can promise yourself that you'll avoid these ten gym crimes then no one will stare at you, laugh at you, or be mean to you at the gym, and you are sure to succeed with whatever you are trying to accomplish... Oh, don't forget the you have to actually go and do it part!

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P.S. Try not to do any of these things if at all possible as well...