I have found that some thing's that I thought were completely cool and okay to buy at a garage sale might not be. As you continue making early morning trips around the block for good deals, keep in mind that these items should stay on the table and not end up in your car.



  1. Bicycle helmets: helmets are made to sustain a crash, one crash, not multiple and it isn't easily seen if the integrity of the insides of the helmet are in tact, if the helmet's inner protection has been compromised it may not be in good enough condition to protect you should you ever fall.
  2. Car Seats: much like helmets, it's just too hard to tell if there is a defect or to even know if it has been on a recall list. The technology for car seats advances almost as quickly as cell phones, its best to buy new or certified
  3. Shoes: I know, we've all done it but have you ever bought a pair and they just never fit right... maybe even a pair you've had before, that's because shoes will mold to their owners feet and there's no undoing that
  4. Sheets:Yep you can wash them, but there isn't a good way to be sure that the scolding water you've washed them in have gotten rid of any potential bed bugs
  5. Worn out plates, pots and pans: rust, flaky non-stick coatings and chemicals are just a few hazards when buying these items from a garage sale
  6. Video Games: These items are tricky as a lot of manufacturers now are implementing codes that will only allow one user either for the whole game or bonus layers
  7. Make-up: Old or new its best to avoid this item unless you can clearly see when it was made (for new) because make-up does "expire"
  8. Stuffed Animals: I know this is a tough one, especially if you are doing your garage sale route with a child, but like bedding and even upholstered furniture, you don't know what lives in there. Microscopic bugs can be impossible to get rid of even in the sanitizing cycle in your washing machine
  9. Hats: Now this is just gross, a hat can be the home for sweat, hair products and worse yet, skin... see a cool hat, pass it up
  10. Blenders: Kitchen electronics in general should be avoided, dull blades can be unsafe and the device will likely not last long if they are selling it