Veterans Day is Wednesday, November 11. While there are many ways to thank a veteran on this day, here are 16 easy ways to show your appreciation and say, "thank you for serving our country."

1. Visit the Veterans Plaza's Victory Garden.

The Victory Garden comprises the soil of over 100 battlefields, installations, and American military cemeteries from around the world to take the horror and ugliness of war to beauty and solitude that only a garden can provide. The collection of soils and their inclusion in the garden is an ongoing process - so if you are interested in contributing soil, contact the Veterans Plaza.

2. Nominate a family or make a cash donation to Townsquare Cares for Military Families.

We've partnered with Townsquare Cares, a non-profit organization that betters the lives of troops and their families 24/7, 365 days a year. Cash donations will go to families of actively deployed troops here in Northern Colorado to help them have an easier, brighter holiday season. Any amount helps - donate HERE. Or, you can nominate a family.

3. Take a veteran out to eat or invite them over to celebrate their service with beer or soda, a movie, or game of pool.

4. Call or visit a local nursing home or VA hospital. Find out what you can do to help.

5. Ask a veteran to tell you stories about serving our country - they have plenty of great stories that they'd be proud to tell you.

6. Volunteer to run errands for a veteran or help them out around the house.

7. Get involved with the Northern Colorado Veterans History Project.

The Northern Colorado Veterans History Project serves to preserve and share the stories of veterans. Learn more about the project and read stories of Northern Colorado veterans HERE.

8. Call a veteran relative - a grandparent, uncle, aunt, mother, or father. Take time to call them - especially if they live far away - to see how they're doing.

9. Thank them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. A lot of us are on social media every day (sometimes ALL day) - the least we can do is take a few minutes to send a message or post a status.

10. Talk to your child about the pride we have in our military, or teach them a patriotic song.

11. Fly your American flag outside your home.

12. Wear an American flag on your clothing - it's a small way to show your pride in our country.

13. Visit a veteran's grave. Simply standing there for quiet reflection is honoring their service while rededicating yourself to the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of the United States.

14. Looking to hire a new employee? Consider hiring a veteran.

15. Proudly display an "I support the troops" bumper sticker or magnet on your car. 

16. If you have a kid in Girl or Boy Scouts, have their troop(s) write letters to veterans. Bring those letters to a nursing home to be delivered to their vets.