What’s the best thing about watching football? Well, the cheerleaders, DUH.

Okay... that may be an over-exaggeration, and I may be partial to cheerleading because I cheered for 7 years. But, now may be our chance to try out to be in the big leagues.

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders are starting the selection process for the 2019-20 team this Sunday.

I must say this is no easy ride… Have you seen those girls’ abs? NFL cheerleading is a whole different level.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

More dancing is incorporated into NFL cheerleading routines than tumbling (doing flips) or stunting (throwing people in the air). That is the main difference between NFL cheerleading and most all star, middle/high school cheer teams.

However, I am curious… How hard is it when you try out? Do people have a good chance of making the team?

Unfortunately, I can’t make it to the tryouts, but maybe you can.

Tryouts start Sunday, March 17 at 2 p.m. in the United East Club at Broncos Stadium at Mile High.

After that preliminary tryout, the judges reduce the number of candidates to 50. Then the remaining 50 go to a dance workshop, participate in a business interview and take a football aptitude test during the week. Which will ALL be factored into a total score that also includes the final show performance score.

The following Sunday, March 24, the final audition show will be performed at 6 p.m. at the June Swaner Gates Concert Hall at the University of Denver.

After that final performance, we will have our Denver Broncos Cheerleader 2019-20 squad.