The debate was a heated one last night, and it's really all anyone will be talking about for the next few days...or maybe forever.

Twitter was on fire last night, but for me, as someone who tweeted until she couldn't tweet no more last night, there tend to be a few nagging regrets you feel when the debate is finally over.

Things like, should I really have taken that guy's bait when he said that about my candidate? Should I really have used all caps to respond to my mom?  Did I send a work email when I was that worked up???

Debates can tend to bring out the worst in people since the candidates always play on their audience's emotions and passions.  However, be careful with how you handle family, coworkers, and especially social media after the fact-- you don't want to end up deleting tweets (*cough*), or end up like this guy:

Here are five things we recommend you don't do today, the day after the debates.