The whole concept of 4D imagery in the first place is a bit creepy from one mother to the world, but I understand technology keeps evolving and many appreciate this type of advancement. But mothers smoking and watching your babies reaction, intriguing or disturbing?

I'm not sure about you, but since the development of technology and the ability to nearly have a family portrait done before the baby is ever born kind of creeps me out.

I understand that there are some really cool things that we can accomplish by using this technology, including things like in the video above. We already knew that smoking wasn't good for baby, but it is interesting to see for yourself the real time affects on the baby.

I still remember a time when you had more than your share of yellow and green outfits because there just wasn't any technology to determine the sex of the baby. Nowadays you can tell if they have hair, daddy's nose or if they are predisposed to sucking their thumb. It's almost like finding out there are cameras in the bathroom, it feels like an invasion of privacy in a way.

How do you feel about the way technology has changed having a baby? Do you believe that the benefits out way the creepy factor, or do you feel that there is no creepy factor and it is all amazing?

This is likely one of the areas where I feel completely old fashion, but I am aware of the advantages a mother has today verses in the past. My hope now is that with studies like this that expectant mothers pay attention and stop harmful activities, for their baby's sake.