Northern Colorado is widely known as the "Napa Valley of Beers", and it has turned me into an actual beer snob. But there are beers that are missing that we need.

If you have done any travelling throughout the rest of the country, you know that there are several beers that still aren't being sold in our area.

There is especially one big one that many of us agree needs to at least be on tap in some of our favorite Northern Colorado bars.

Take a look at these five and let us know what other beers you think need to be added to the list.

Ready to dive into some of the best beers that Colorado may not know about yet? Check these out and let your mouth water!


(By the way...if you do know that any of these are sold in Northern Colorado, let us know!!)

1.) Yuengling Beer

2.) Cisco Brewers - Nantucket

3.) Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

4.) Sea Dog Brewing - Maine

5.) Long Trail Ale - Vermont