The season for the Denver Broncos is done. Plain and simple. Let's admit. As they stand at 3-6 on the season, it looks like it is time to start thinking about 2018.

However, instead of waiting another three months to make some changes, the time is now to cut bait on some members of the team who don't deserve the right be called a BRONCO.

The question is, if you were the General Manager of the Broncos right now on November 13th, who would you let go?

Here are our five choices to be given their pink slip, and to be shown the door to never see the state of Colorado again. Well, unless they head to an opposing team which definitely could be a great thing for us.


  • 1

    Isaiah McKenzie - Wide Receiver

    Maybe the blame rests on the Broncos for once again setting McKenzie up for failure by having him return another kick. But how many more times does McKenzie have to drop a kickoff before his feet are held to the fire? Ninety seconds into the game, and he instantly put the momentum in the Patriots corner for the entire game. He wasn't the only reason the Broncos lost. But he set the tone. And now he needs to set the tone elsewhere.

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    Brock Olivo - Special Teams Coordinator

    If you want to point to THE reason the Broncos had no chance against the Patriots, it was the entire special teams unit. Who is in charge of special teams? Brock Olivo. The man does a great job when he's talking to the media. But he's proven one thing...all talk, no action. Special teams against the Patriots was probably one of the worst showings of a unit I have seen in quite a while. Did you see the too many men on the field penalty that gave the Patriots the ball back? Olivo may not have been on the field, but that is his unit. Here's your pink slip Brock.

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    Vance Joseph - Head Coach

    The man with the "Aw Shucks" demeanor has led a team onto the field that looks uninspired, boring, and not ready for the competition they are facing. Maybe you had chalked up the Patriots game as a loss before the season started. Many people would've. But look at the rest of the games during this losing streak. There are some definite surprises in there. Want to give Vance til the end of the season to see what he can do? I'm fine with that. But if you told me right now that you wanted to fire him nine games in, I'd agree with you there as well.

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    Mike McCoy - Offensive Coordinator

    I know McCoy did a great job in his first run in Denver as Offensive Coordinator, but he had a much better offensive team back then. He went to San Diego, and did nothing as their head coach. We bring him back thinking he will quickly turn things around and the offense is MORE of a mess than what it was last year. If it wasn't for Emmanuel Sanders, the team wouldn't have put any points on the board Sunday night. Mike McCoy = PINK SLIP.

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  • 5

    Emmanuel Sanders - Wide Receiver

    There's a reason why I put Emmanuel on this list. Here me out on this. Let's all face it...the Broncos are now in rebuilding mode. The defense is still very good, but getting older. We don't have a quarterback that we can say will guide us to the next Super Bowl championship. The coaching staff is letting their inexperience show. Emmanuel Sanders is one of the few bright spots on the team, and he showed it against the Patriots. Do him a favor, and let him go. NOW. Let him go to a team that he'll be able to use his expertise and actually win games. This tweet says it all after the Patriots loss:

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