Wednesday night I was tired. I passed out. I was dead to the world.  I was so sound asleep that I had no idea our neighbors had a fire in their apartment building. I had no idea that Five fire trucks from the Poudre Fire Authority showed up in our parking lot.  I didn't hear the 4 police cars either.  My wife had to tell me the next day that everyone in the apartment building just to the south of us had to be evacuated.  I didn't hear anything. I didn't see the flashing lights. I didn't see the dozens of firefighters and police officers who showed up to help. Luckily they didn't need my help. Thankfully nobody was injured and the damage was minimal.

So, what happened?   According to my wife, our neighbors thought the fire was out in their fireplace.  They closed the flue and left town. Don't do that.  The fire sparked up again and filled their apartment with smoke and and the apartment above them.  Luckily, they smelled the smoke.   It's a very serious thing. Do not ever close the flue on your fireplace until the fire has been out for a while.  The smoke alone could kill you from Carbon monoxide poisoning.

My wife also told me the Poudre Fire Authority did an amazing job! These guys are true heroes.  She said, their attention to detail, professionalism, and concern for each and every person affected by the fire was truly incredible. THANK YOU!

Thanks to my wife Jenny for taking these photos: