Well last week I wrote about how the Broncos could still have a winning record this year. I did say that they would lose to New England before they started winning again but last night was soooo bad I just don't see anything good happening until we try again next year. This has turned into pure torture to try and watch a game. My friend Dr. Bob make a great point the other day when he said he watches TV to either be informed or entertained and the Broncos are certainly offering neither of those. We have already been informed that this is just not a good team.

As I sat and painfully watched the first half last night I started to think of other painful things that would actually feel better than watching this suckfest. Here are 6 painful things that would hurt less that watching a Bronco game.

Having Dental Work - I think having my teeth cleaned and then having a bad tooth removed by going through my backside would be more pleasant.

Sean Gallup, Getty Images

Unexpected 2 Week Visit From In-Laws - As much as I generally dislike people staying in my home for more that a day or so, I actually think having a house full of guests for a couple of weeks would hurt less that watching another game.

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Stepping on a Stray Carpet Lego - As much as this stings likes being bit by a stingray it is nothing compared to watching number 84 muff another punt.

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Paper Cut Licking an Envelope - There are few things more annoying than slicing your tongue while sealing an envelope. You can feel the flesh slice on your tongue which hurts but nothing like watching our quarterbacks try to throw an accurate pass of more than 20 yards.

Brian Gary, TSM

Food Poisoning - This is pure hell and you will sweat and wear a path to the bathroom but unlike this Bronco season you know that the pain of the food poisoning will eventually go away in a few days. These Broncos games have effects that last for weeks.

Brian Gary, TSM

Watching the Nuggets - The Nuggets used to be the most painful of the Denver teams to watch but they are even 8-5 this year and have moved ahead of the Broncos for local team sports viewing for me. Congrats Broncos, you have made us appreciate the Nuggets.

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