There are many businesses to choose from throughout the city of Fort Collins, but there is one thing I think of when I do my shopping. And that' LOCAL.

Local merchants throughout the city of Fort Collins (and any city or town for that matter) are truly the backbone of all of our communities. While many chain businesses give back to the communities that they setup shop in, the local "mom and pops" could be our very own neighbor or someone who gives back to local charities on a daily basis.

However, without support from shoppers in the city of Fort Collins, these local businesses can sometimes struggle to survive and make it through hard times. That's why I have declared 2017 the "year of adopting a local business". What's that mean you ask? That means YOU support a local business (or two or three...whatever is easier for you) that you can make a commitment to shop or spend money at, while getting the word out to the public about how great their business is.

I have taken on this mission statement for this year, and these are the seven businesses that I will be "adopting" for 2017 to do what I can to make sure they thrive and be successful for the future ahead.

Tell us what business you'll be "adopting" in 2017 below so we can let them know that they have a huge community behind them every step of the way! And thank you for providing the support to these businesses that they deserve, so our region can continue to be the most vibrant in the country!


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    Music City Hot Chicken

    Music City Hot Chicken is located at the corner of Prospect and College in the city and not only do they have some of the best fried chicken I have ever had, they also have a group of owners who try to give back to the community as much as they can. You can tell that they love being part of the Fort Collins business "family", and try to support everyone else to help them be successful. Plus...did I say that the food is AWESOME?

    Credit: Music City Hot Chicken Facebook Page
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    Fort Collins-Loveland Farmers Market

    Honestly, I could include EVERY Farmers Market that goes on in the city throughout 2017 in this section as these are the local artisans, farmers, and growers that are doing what they love to do...selling what is made or grown in our very own backyard. I was just at the Fort Collins Winter Farmer's Market last week and loved knowing that the money I was spending was staying local. And I must say, if you have a chance to buy the Vermont Maple Syrup at the farmers market...go for it, along with EVERYTHING else that is sold at the market!

    Credit: Fort Collins-Loveland Farmers Market Facebook Page
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    The Little Bird Bakeshop

    The Little Bird Bakeshop in old town Fort Collins may not be familiar with you now, but make it a goal of yourself to not only make it familiar but also a usual weekly spot. The atmosphere when you first walk inside has a comforting feel that you wish you could just spend all day there drinking a cup of espresso while eating a muffin or scone. But 2017 for the Little Bird Bakeshop is an important year, as they currently have a Kickstarter campaign to help raise money to be able to keep their doors open. So stop in and see why you should make your donation to this old town staple. Believe me, you won't be disappointed and you'll walk away knowing you are part of their family!

    Credit: Google
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    The Downtown Artery

    The Downtown Artery is closing in on being open for two years, and I truly think this venue has a chance to break through as the TOP spot for live music in the city of Fort Collins. Never had a chance to check it out before? Well please put it on your list of "must sees" in 2017, and drive down to 252 Linden to see why I have included this on my own list for the year. First off, it is most definitely the cleanest music venue in all of downtown Fort Collins. But most importantly the staff shares the same passion that we do for all the live music that comes in each week. Plus they are a big supporter of Colorado's craft beer community and serve great food. So get yourself a ticket to one of their shows and see why I think this should be your destination for live music in the city.

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    Pour Brothers Community Tavern

    Yes. I am guilty for including Pour Brothers on about 95% of the stories I write that have to do with the city of Fort Collins. But there is a reason for that. They are that DAMN awesome and deserve to have the spotlight shown on them. Yes their drinks are amazing, and anything they make that includes tater tots is to die for. But push that to the side, they also have one of the most inviting bars in all of the city and the personality of each staff member make you have fun from the minute you walk in. Owners Aria and Alan have hit a home run with this business, and deserve every ounce (and dollar) of support they get from the local community. Oh, and the impact they have on our community? It's HUGE, as they pledge to donate enough money for one meal to the Larimer County Food bank for every meal purchased at Pour Brothers. That's enough for me to support them all year long as well!

    Credit: Pour Brothers Facebook Page
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    Harbinger Coffee

    Harbinger Coffee is located on Mason in Fort Collins, and serves some of the best coffee in the city. What is even better, and makes it easier to support them, is that they will be opening a new location at the new Harmony Commons development in 2017. They not only hook you up with some of the best coffee in the world, but also provide hospitality that is unmatched by anyone else in the city. They've been doing business in the city since 2012, and the future looks even brighter for this locally owned shop. But do me a favor and make it look even brighter by stopping in today. You won't be disappointed!

    Credit: Google
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    Revelation Chiropractic

    I'll admit that I may be a little biased on this one, as my family and I have visited Dr. Chad at Revelation Chiropractic for close to two years now. But I wouldn't include him in this story if I didn't think all of the below is true. I was completely unsure about chiropractic work until I visited Revelation in 2015, but man did I fall in love with it QUICK. Dr. Chad and his staff are always inviting no matter what time of the day it is, plus they always have your own personal health as the #1 priority for them as well. So if you've ever thought about chiropractic work, check out Revelation Chiropractic located on College right next to Dickey's BBQ!

    Credit: Revelation Chiropractic Facebook Page