Todd Harding, TSM

Every morning 7 News Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson does the weather for us on K99. On Saturday night, Mike hosted the annual Brainiac Bowl to benefit the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. I joined Mike's wife, Cindy on the K99 team, the Brainy Bunch, along with my wife Jenny, Dave Jensen and his friend Amber, our boss Pat, and K99's Live Events Director Carol and her husband Joe.

How did our team do? Well...there were 24 teams, and after the 1st half we were in the top ten. Then things went south. Waayyy South! We ended up finishing next to last. I did finish in the top three in the "Brains or Butts" game and we raised a ton of money to support a great cause.

One of my favorite parts of the night was when Mike Nelson asked each team to give him a piece from their costumes for him to wear, and he did...all night long. Mike is a hoot! My wife Jenny and I took pictures of Mike's getup and the rest of the fun that night.