It's been a week since the original clown threats in Greeley, and for the entire month of September, creepy men and women in masks have been showing up all across the United States.

However, here in Northern Colorado, we are only dealing with threats rather than places like Arizona or Texas, where clowns have been caught in neighborhoods and other public areas.

Here are a few maps to give you more insight into where these clown threats have come from-- and whether or not any physical clowns have actually been seen.

First: Greeley, Colorado

Northridge High School

No clowns were seen at this location, but this is where the threats in Northern Colorado originated.  The threats were also linked back to a Facebook group, which was started by a 15-year-old student at Northridge.  This student never dressed up...or was never caught wandering the streets in clown attire, at least.


Downtown Greeley

Editor in Chief of Bandwagon Magazine, Jed Murphy, caught this photo on his cell phone a week before the clown threats began:


Second: Fort Collins, Colorado

Poudre High School

In the midst of threats circulating on social media, the Poudre School District noticed one geared towards a local Fort Collins high school.  Rather than shut down the school, the school district told parents that despite the shaky validity of the threats, they were still stepping up security and ensuring the school was a safe place to be.


And finally: Denver

Sunnyside Neighborhood

Denver always has to get in on Northern Colorado's fun, don't they? Kidding, of course, mostly because the Denver threats are the least believable of all.

According to Denver7, someone posted on Facebook that a terrifying clown holding balloons (with a picture included) chased them down the road and shouted at them in an indecipherable language.  Denver7 later found out that the image dated back to 2013 and originated in the UK-- a verifiable hoax.

Despite the fact that these threats have been deemed hoaxes, we still urge you to stay safe when travelling alone at night-- don't trust anyone with a handful of balloons.