Yesterday was a Father's Day to remember. We had not gone fishing in quite some time so we decided to take the family out and drown some worms. What a great day! No phone calls, no distractions except each other and the rods and reels. There is a whole lot of fun out there waiting for you that doesn't involve a battery or power cord.

My grandsons both had the times of their lives. We had just gone to Disneyland a week ago but I swear they loved the day by the water fishing even more.

   Gramma got to teach Zander all of her tricks.

Brian Gary, TSM

     Zayden sat by his mom convinced that she was going to catch a tuna.

Brian Gary, TSM

     The boys are now hooked and want to go every day.

Brian Gary, TSM

     The big moment when Zander reeled in his very first fish.

Vanessa Flaa, TSM

It was a great day and we plan on many many more fishing expeditions. Get your family out and enjoy the beautiful Colorado outdoors. Thanks for a great Father's Day to my family.