Hey guys, want to make your lady happy and think you are awesome? Get that apron on, get in the kitchen and make supper tonight. She will look at you with love and appreciation and, with my help, it will be very simple and tasty. We all love tacos but here is a recipe for tacos with a twist that the whole family will love.

Brian Gary, TSM

The first thing you want to do is brown a pound of hamburger and add a pack of taco seasoning, just as if you were making a batch of tacos. Instead of using shells or tortillas,  layer crescent rolls around a cookie sheet. Just bust open a couple tubes of crescent rolls and fan them out on the cookie sheet with the edges overlapping just a little to connect it all. Now smear the taco meat all around it, add some cheese and fold over the crescent to seal it up and bake that bad boy for about 15 minutes at 350-375 degrees. We topped ours with lettuce, tomatoes and taco sauce. Simple and very delicious. Get cooking dudes.