Over the past few weeks, I have taken up indoor gardening as an avenue to relieve the stress of daily life. Something about it is very calming. It has also become exciting too! I get to come home every day and see the progress the numerous plants I have had made. I’ve successfully cloned and rooted a half dozen tomato plants and one super hot pepper plant.

Earlier this year, we were hit hard in our little garden a handful of times with hail. Every single time they were beaten down to the point of dying. Yet still hung on by a thread of hope. I got zero yield on all of my pepper plants this summer, but I wasn’t going to give up on them. Right before the first freeze, I brought the five remaining pepper plants in to the garage. All five weren’t in the best of shape.

Matt Sparx

I took 3 of the plants out of their pots, cleaned up the roots and trimmed the branches and what remaining leaves were left off of them except one small cluster. That branch of yellowed, split leaves aided in the photosynthesis under a 300 watt led grow light in a closet. That endeavor started two weeks ago and this is what I have tonight. All three plants are thriving, but this one is my crown jewel! This plant was one of the most beaten up and sickly of the five. Now it has become the best performing plant in the indoor garden.

Matt Sparx

Sadly, I don’t know what type of pepper it is just yet. I do know that it is a “melt your face off” variety. It is either a ghost pepper, Trinidad scorpion or Carolina reaper... only time will tell.

As I look at this plant and see it thrive, I can only think of one thing, it wouldn’t be alive if I didn’t have a “what if” moment. Some of the most fulfilling things in my life all started with those two words... what if. What if’s can grow into something great, you just have to act upon them and take the effort.