Oddly enough, the first missile silo ever built in the United States was built in Colorado about 60 miles east of Denver in an area called Deer Creek. 

Built in the 1960s

It's unclear exactly what prompted the construction of the missile silo back in the 1960s, but the government put a pretty penny into the underground structure only to put it to little use.

A Sight to Be Seen

I would certainly not recommend visiting the abandoned missile silo nowadays as ever since it has been abandoned it has become extremely dangerous. Much of the structures have lost their integrity, it is said to be full of asbestos, and a mysterious, thick, red goop can be found on the floors.

People Still Have Been There

Despite the danger, it is quite apparent that many people have visited the abandoned missile silo, as it is littered with graffiti.

Take a virtual tour of this abandoned missile silo:

Check Out an Abandoned Missile Silo in Colorado

The first missile silo built in the United States was in Colorado and is now abandoned.

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