I have some sleep issues. I have the greatest bed in the whole world but I still need a little extra help to fall asleep at night. I can hear every noise in the house like a cannon shot and cannot shut down my brain unless I have white noise to drown out the other noises. I used to use a TV but that quit doing the trick about 15 to 20 years ago. I am now a fan addict.

My name is Brian Gary and I am a fanaholic. I cannot sleep or rest without the sound of a fan whirling. I could sleep on a runway with jet turbines rumbling and be at peace. When I travel I really struggle to sleep because I can't take a fan with me everywhere I go...or can I?

I have found a cure for my ailment on YouTube. It is a video of box fan blowing and I crank it up at night on my iPad whenever I travel now. Thank you YouTube for having every ridiculous thing we can imagine readily available. If you need white noise to sleep...this could help you. It works great when the power is out too. I am here to help. Sweet dreams.