Plain and simple it's a chore, we all do it.  Some do it one day at a time and others do it weekly. Many create menus they live and shop by, while still others live on the seat of their pants everyday.  I personally am a crazy bag of all of the above.

Depending on my mood, I can write out a full  menu from the protein to the type of bread I'll serve.  And other times I can get home and stare, yes, literally stare around the kitchen and even open and close the refrigerator as if I am seeking out some lost treasure.

And I really don't know for day to day or week to week what mood I will be in. There are times when I will write out the list, go to the grocery store and then sit at the kitchen table and think, wow, I don't want that tonight. I take my hat off to the families that can hold it together and put out a solid meal night after night. Let's review just this week, to fully show you what I mean, I have made pork loin chops and sauteed green beans, sauteed chicken breasts and zucchini with brown rice and tuna sandwiches. Tonight, we will likely go out to dinner as I have no idea at this moment what I want to cook. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love to cook. Cooking for me is a form of meditation, I disappear into my chopping and sauteing, until Colton comes in and starts telling me about metal shop, which is a nice distraction from my day too. S

So maybe in the end it all goes back to structure and obedience.  Maybe it's not the grocery shopping itself, but the work that goes into planning every meal. I have established that I love to cook and I understand the grocery shopping process.  I can tell you aisle to aisle where everything is in the store, I could be your personal guide. If you need Mayo, check aisle 2, want  crackers, I think they're in aisle 6.

Grocery shopping, whether its the act of doing it or the meal planning that has your yarn in a knot, just realize, you aren't alone and we all have stared at the the kitchen hoping for answers.  Just as we have all put off going to the grocery store and forgotten to take the hamburger out of the refrigerator.

Rest well tonight and go out!