With going out of business sales in full swing for Sports Authority stores in Fort Collins, it leaves what will be a huge empty space at Foothills. So what should go there?

I've been debating this since the announced bankruptcy of Sports Authority back in February. The writing was on the wall for the struggling sports retailer, and I think many of us had a feeling when the announcement was made that they wouldn't be around much longer.

The initial plan for Sports Authority was to close their downtown Fort Collins location and move that store to Foothills. If you drive past the mall now, you see the shell of what was supposed to be belonging to the retailer and was a key tenant to that part of the property.

So what goes there now?

Cheesecake Factory? While many people have asked for it, Foothills already is shaping up to have plenty of choices for restaurants. Plus, do we really need an overpriced dessert restaurant when we have other options in town?

I've heard some transplants from the east coast ask for Christmas Tree Shop to open it's first Colorado location in Foothills. While I think the location would be perfect, and the store would do very well in Northern Colorado, it doesn't look like it is planning a westward movement anytime soon.

In my mind, that only leaves one more choice to move into this space. Both kids and adults would be able to take advantage of it, and it would be another entertainment choice for the region.

That business? Dave & Busters!

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

I know, you may be sitting back saying that we already have the Summit located in Windsor. You are correct. And that location does a great job in what they do and what they offer. But Northern Colorado is one of the fastest growing areas in the entire country. Would it really hurt us if we had another option to head to on a rainy day, or on a Friday night?

Is the food that they offer something that is uniquely special? No. But you head to Dave & Busters not expecting a prime cut of steak with a carefully designed side. You go there to get an easy bite to eat so you can go back to have FUN.

And isn't that what we need more of throughout the city of Fort Collins?

Plus if you are looking for a place to watch the Broncos, Avalanche, Rockies, or Nuggets in action...Dave & Busters could be the perfect location for it!

Especially in the holiday season where your family members can do some of their shopping in Foothills while you pull up a seat at Dave & Busters to watch your favorite game.

So let's run through this again...

Is Dave & Busters a place to have fun? DEFINITELY.

Can you grab a quick bite to eat there? OF COURSE.

Is it a place to hang out with all of your friends while having a safe, fun time? YES.

So consider this my open letter to not only Dave & Busters, but also the management at Foothills. Don't stick us with another department store that will probably be struggling in another two years due to competition.

Don't give us another business focused solely on serving food. You have plenty of those options, and they are great. We don't need another.

So give us something that combines the best of ALL worlds, something that will make Foothills stand out above everyone else.

Please bring Dave & Busters to Fort Collins. Please.

And for Dave & Busters...come to Fort Collins. We want you in our city, and will support you 100%.

Want to join in the fight to bring Dave & Busters to Foothills in Fort Collins? Sign our petition and let your thoughts be heard!