Anyone who knows me knows that I am a die hard, purple bleeding, life long Minnesota Viking fan. I love the Broncos too. They are in my heart but the Vikings are in my blood. If the Broncos lose, I will have a bad day. If the Vikings lose, I will have a bad week. In my 53 years on this earth, they have caused me a lot of bad weeks.

Kyla Flaa

I am one of those fans who believes that what I wear or do during the game will have an impact on it. I will wear a certain jersey and if they win, I consider that the lucky jersey...until they lose again and then I should have known that jersey had run of luck and switched to a different one. I will even try home and away jerseys to match what my team is wearing. It is safe to say that none of my methods have worked since I have yet to win a Super Bowl.

This past weekend I thought I would try a new game day ritual and see if that would help propel my team to victory. My wife ordered me a bunch of SKOL Coffee. It is a Vikings blend. I am not sure what that is but I think it has notes of the blood of past victims of successful pillaging in it. It tastes just dandy and I thought drinking it throughout the day would help power the purple to victory. The coffee worked in keeping me up late enough to see the whole awful game. My team was terrible and the coffee was obviously no help. I am starting to think that maybe I really don't have any effect on the game.