With the Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro only a short time away, we started to wonder in the office if the Winter Olympics could ever come to Colorado.

The answer could be a simple YES, but there is much more that goes into it than saying it needs to come to the Rocky Mountains.

In a recent story done by the Denver Post it states that the opportunity could become more of a reality as a delegation, including Governor John Hickenlooper, was in Brazil to get lessons on the Olympics.

If Colorado were to engage in talks to host a future Olympic competition, it would be the third time that leaders went for the possibility. Voters in the state nixed the idea back in 1976, and in 2012 the state was encouraged to put forth a bid for the 2022 Winter Games but the committee in the United States decided against putting in a formal bid at the time.

The state of Colorado still has plenty of time to decide if they really want the Olympics to be showcased here. The next time an area can put forward a bid is in the year 2019, which will then be for the 2026 Winter Games.

For the 2026 games, it looks like the competition could be fierce as Anchorage, Salt Lake City, and Bozeman, Montana have also expressed interest in putting forth a bid.

The question is, does the state (or more importantly the residents) want to spend the amount of money it takes to put on the Winter Olympics? Here is a breakdown of the cost of the last three Winter Olympics:

Sochi 2014: $51 billion

Vancouver 2010: $6.4 billion

Torino 2006: $700 million

Now many experts believe that Russia vastly overspent to put together the games in Sochi, but even if you go by the cost in Vancouver it definitely is a large amount to grasp on to.

However, with the state of Colorado continuing to grow and more revenue pumping into the region, the idea may make more sense than originally thought.

Either way, the thought of the Olympics coming to the Rocky Mountains is intriguing and could put the spotlight on the one state in the nation that has emerged from the recession as the healthiest.

On the other hand, we see what it has done to Rio De Janeiro and the problems that occurred in Sochi. Which makes us ask the question...

Is it really worth it?