Did you know that even when you are not using your technology or appliances, they could still be costing you hundreds of dollars every year?

As Yahoo Finance reported, here is a list of some of the costliest, and most surprising 'Vampire Appliances' that be costing you money and you didn't know it.

Flat screen TVs

This visual stimulant could cost you as much as $160 a year when not in use. So just unplug right? Be real people, how many people are going to unplug every time they are done watching TV?  There is another solution: it is an advanced power strip, which prevents electronics from using power when they’re not in use; these range in cost from about $15 to $30. Remember though, your DVR doesn't record being turned off.

Video game consoles

If you are a gamer, your console could be costing you up to about $75 per year when you’re not using it. Ouch. But hey, use that advanced power strip to plug in both your television and video game console (for that matter any other electronics you have in that area as well).


Even when you leave your home computer plugged in when you’re not using it, you could be wasting up to $40 a year. Hey money is money. Laptops do eat up less energy, but you still waste nearly $20 a year there too.

You can see other energy suckers here.