D and I had a conversation today about soft drinks and why some people call them all "cokes" when that clearly isn't the case.  In fact, the coke soft drink wasn't even the first soft drink.

Last year I did a story on "pop" vs. "soda" and it was very evenly matched. However, very few people call soft drinks "cokes" anymore, because their not. What amazes me is some of the younger generation who will refer to a Sprite as a "coke."

How do you order with that mentality these days?  "Um, can I have a Sprite Coke please."

In fact, Ginger Ale was the first soft drink followed by Root Beer and then Dr. Pepper.  The brand Coke was the 4th soft drink on the scene.  So who's idea was it to start calling everything Cokes?  There MUST be a good conspiracy theory out there on this. Maybe it was the Illuminati?

What is your theory or do you even care?